DmView Platform: Setting up your OLT

Datacom EaD has a new course on its online platform, with free access. With 21 classes and a duration of 3 hours, the training focuses on configuring the OLT through DmView Management. The course offers practical subsidies for the complete configuration of the OLT GPON equipment in order to deliver the Internet service with authentication via PPPoE to end customers.

According to engineer Tatiane de Figueiredo, responsible for Technical Training, “the course program aims to provide participants with the necessary knowledge to understand the settings related to the provisioning of end customers, through the graphical interface of the DmView management platform. The platform address is

In addition to the new training, Datacom EaD has two modules on GPON solutions and DmOS Switches. The GPON module has 65 lessons and 13 hours of complete training covering our OLTs and ONUs. The Switch DmOS module, on the other hand, is composed of 67 lessons, with 10 hours of duration.

GPON training offers practical and theoretical subsidies for configuring the delivery of Internet service with authentication via PPPoE to customers. In addition to operation and maintenance, it has management and analysis of possible failures through the command line (CLI).

The DmOS Switches – Layer 2 training, on the other hand, focuses on practical and theoretical knowledge for the configuration of Layer 2 functionalities. The training foresees VLAN, QinQ, Link-Aggregation configurations with load balancing and redundancy protocols. The operation, management and troubleshooting techniques through the command line (CLI) are also part of this module. From this training, professionals will be able to understand the configurations related to the installation and operation of the DATACOM Ethernet switch line.