Pink October Campaign Datacom

In this month of Combat and Prevention of Breast Cancer, DATACOM intensified actions to raise awareness among employees in promoting health and self-care.

In addition to various newsletters related to the topic that were made available throughout the month, on the 19th, the International Day for the Fight Against Cancer, employees mobilized to record this moment, where everyone dressed in pink in support of the campaign. The collaborators also received a “treat”, a liquid soap with instructions for performing the self-examination, which is very important for the early detection of the disease.

It is worth remembering that breast cancer is the most common type of tumor in women, including in Brazil, after non-melanoma skin cancer, and corresponds to 28% of new cancer cases in the world.

Self-examination, periodic medical appointments and examinations, and healthy habits are important prevention factors. Being aware of changes in the breasts can be a determining factor for early identification of the disease. Men should also be aware, although it is much rarer, they can also be affected by the disease, as they have mammary glands and female hormones, albeit in small amounts.

The message that remains is one of prevention and the search for help with any sign of change that presents itself.

Everyone in the fight against breast cancer!