DM936 D8CH33. Solução DWDM de 8 canais.
DM936 D8CH33
Solução DWDM de 8 canais

MUX / DEMUX DWDM passive with 8 DWDM channels according to ITU-T channel grid G.694.1, on CH33 channels to CH40. Uplink in two fibers. LC / UPC connectors.

DATACOM's DWDM solution allows expansion of optical links, significantly optimizing the use of metropolitan optical fibers, generating more return on investment made in cabling infrastructure.

The solution consists of different passive multiplexing models, containing from 8 to 32 channels, with uplink option of a fiber or two fibers. Solution also contains different channels 10ge SFP + DWDM modules in order to complement the solution to assemble the transmission link. As a complement, the portfolio also contains EDFA and chromatic dispersion compensation solutions (DCM), thus allowing the creation of optical links of up to 320Gbps of capacity with reach of up to 80km and 80Gbps links with reaches up to 110km.

The DWDM product portfolio presents itself as equipment with 1U height for installation in standard 19-inch racks, either through adapter rulers or through ears for installation existing on the equipment itself.

  • Multiplexers / DWDM Passive DWDM for Link Capability Expansion
  • Allows enlargement of capacity and can reach up to 320gbit / s by fiber
  • Bidirectional solution that allows a capacity of up to 160gbit / s in a single fiber
  • Modules 10ge SFP + available in different DWDM channels, compatible with MUX / DEMUX
  • EDFA amplification option and DCM module for enlargement of the link range for up to 110km

Point-to-point links for data transmission between pops in high capacity

Through the DM936 product line it is possible to transmit up to 32 10gbit / s channels in a single pair of fibers, expanding the communication network transmission capability on an already installed fiber base. The solution is composed of colorful SFP + 10ge modules in the CH19 Ch2 channels of the ITU-T grid, which can be used in any switch interfaces (1) or routers (1) and then connected to multiplexers / DM936, capable to add up to 32 links in a single pair of fibers for data transmission.

The system allows the creation of point-to-point links of up to 32 channels per pair of fibers, or up to 16 channels in a single fiber, according to the application example below.