DM880. Mux SDH Modular.
Mux SDH Modular

DM880 is a compact new generation SDH multiplexer. Supports 2Mbit/s, 34/45Mbit/s, Ethernet/Gigabit Ethernet and up to SDH STM-64 interface modules. Modular platform. DS0 cross connection from 384 E1s to 1008 E1s. Multiservice functionalities. Can operate in multiple rings and point to point applications.


The DM880 is a new generation SDH multiplexer with multiservice functionality, developed for transport, access and data switching applications. Matrix and control modules have a SDH cross-connect capacity between 7.4G and 40G, with a DSO cross-connect capacity between 384xE1 and 1008xE1. Completely modular, it has 12 slots for electrical or optical interfaces. Two service slots for V.11 interfaces, housekeeping, RS232 and service channel.


  • Chassis with 9U for a 19” rack
  • Caters to E1 applications up to STM-16
  • Support to ETH NG-SDH cards
  • MSP, SNCP, DNI and MS-SPRing protection
  • Supports EPS protection for E1 and E3/T3
  • 2 slots for the cross-connect and management matrix, 12 slots for interface cards and 2 slots for service cards
  • Fan module integrated
  • Supports hot-swap in all modules
  • Power – 48/60VDC with redundancy



  • Operation with redundancy
  • Implements cross-connect at 64kbit/s timeslot level
  • Implements cross-connect at VC12, VC3 and VC4 level



  • Includes 12 slots for E1, E3/T3, Ethernet/Gigabit Ethernet and SDH interface cards
  • It has 2 slots for service cards with V.11, RS232, housekeeping and service channel interfaces



  • Internal clock
  • 2048kHz external clock input via a connector in the MPU card
  • SDH or E1 interface regenerated clock


Power Supply

  • Supports inputs of -48 to -60VDC
  • All cards have a redundant power circuit



MPU Cards

  • DM800-MPU622 – Main Processing Unit(STM-1/4)
  • DM800-MPU2500 – Main Processing Unit (STM-1/4/16)
  • DM800-MPU10G – Main Processing Unit(STM-1/4/16/64)
  • DM800-MX70 – Main Processing Unit(STM-1/4/16/64)


Ethernet Cards

  • DM800-IC8FE155 – Fast Ethernet interface module
  • DM800-ICGBE155 – Gigabit Ethernet interface module
  • DM800-IC2GBE – Gigabit Ethernet interface module
  • DM800-HC8GBE – Gigabit Ethernet interface module
  • DM800-HC8GBE IP – Gigabit Ethernet interface module


PDH Cards

  • DM800-IC32E1 – 32 x 2Mbit/s (E1) interface module
  • DM800-IC32E1P – 32 x 2Mbit/s (E1) interface module with EPS
  • DM800-IC32E1 HW2 – 32 x 2Mbit/s (E1) interface module with EPS
  • DM800-IC63E1 – 63 x 2Mbit/s (E1) interface module with EPS
  • DM800-IC3X34/45 – 3 x 34/45Mbit/s (E3/T3) interface module
  • DM820-ICR12E1 – 12 x 2Mbit/s (E1) interface module


SDH Cards

  • DM800-IC8STM1 – 8 x STM-1 interface module
  • DM800-IC4STM4 – 4 x STM-4 interface module
  • DM800-HC8STM4 – 8 x STM-1/4 interface module
  • DM800-HC2STM16 – 2 x STM-16 interface module
  • DM800-HC2STM16 HW2 – 2 x STM-16 multi-rate interface module
  • DM800-HC4STM16 – 4 x STM-16 multi-rate interface module
  • DM800-HC4STM16MI – 4 x STM-16 multi-rate interface module


Housekeeping Cards

  • DM800-GPCHK1 – Housekeeping module
  • DM800-GPCHK2 – Housekeeping module



  • DM880-FAN – Fan module



  • DM900-OAP – OAP Amplifier DM900-OAB – OAB Amplifier DM900-DCM – DCM Amplifier