Truth research and development

Datacom, since its foundation in 1998, has focused on the development of products and solutions through mastery of the technologies involved within its Research & Development area. Investing in the R&D area is the path that Datacom has used throughout its history to meet the demands and needs of the market and its customers with products using world-class cutting edge technology.

Datacom's R&D has more than 24 years of history, and throughout this journey it has always evolved in search of the state of the art in terms of Hardware and Software development processes. The entire product development process is done through teams running Scrum, in planning, execution and retrospective cycles, always seeking maximum process efficiency and speed in delivering value to customers.

The Hardware platforms are developed in laboratories containing the latest technology equipment, going through the hardware specification, PCBs and mechanical parts design, factory prototyping, verification and tests, in addition to all the steps of Anatel and CE Mark certification.

To develop its software platforms, Datacom uses an advanced process, focused on the DevOps culture, with extensive automation of tests and processes, continuous integration pipeline, strong code review process and collaborative work. Focusing on quality, all changes submitted by developers automatically trigger tools that provide quick feedback on code quality, indicating possible bugs, code coverage, formatting, among others.

Finally, all products undergo a complete battery of Systemic Tests, where scenarios of use of the equipment are set up that simulate their final application, in order to seek the maximum quality in terms of solutions and performance for customer service.