Multiservice Access

Operators provide several important services to their customers, enabling their communication needs such as Internet Access, corporate VPNs (LAN-to-LAN), VoIP and Voice TDM Access. Our equipment allows operators to provide their customers with access to different networks with a single solution, which is robust and capable of guaranteeing high levels of availability and SLA.

The Multiservice Access history began with the DM705 family, in which a flexible TDM multiplexer allowed multiple channels V.35, channelized E1 and FXS and FXO voice interfaces to be aggregated into PDH uplinks, and then SDH, maintaining a cross matrix -connection with 64Kbit / s granularity. The DM705 continued to evolve and added xDSL interfaces, a service board called DM705-IP which, among other applications, terminates PPP data circuits by converting them to VLANs, as well as CESoP technology for TDM over IP transport.

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