Proven robustness and added value.


Aggregation and distribution

The Broadband infrastructure of the Service Providers needs high capacity and reliability on the aggregation and distribution rings. However, this market faces a huge competitive battleship because nowadays the Internet access service is considered a commodity, with many providers offering basically the same service. So, the backhaul network should have a good cost x benefit ratio, and allow different options for all sizes of budgets.

We offer a future proof Ethernet Switch line, with options that have redundancy, huge address tables and L3/MPLS protocols and switching, but also lower cost solutions, stackable 1U, while still keeping 10G and L3/MPLS functionalities. The PoPs with higher aggregation and SLA needs use the DM4000 Series, while regions with little potential and lower return of the investment rates could start with the DM4100 Series.

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