Proven robustness and added value.


Optical transport

In order to enable the transmission of huge amounts of data, large and reliable pipes are used on the service provider networks. And when you are serving a lot of end users traffic you need high availability and robustness.

Our Carrier Ethernet products have protocols, advanced functionalities and a redundant architecture that allows our clients to offer Q-in-Q channels over L2 topologies, or L2VPN (both VPWS and VPLS) over L3/MPLS networks.

However, if the choice is to leverage and increment an existent SDH network, we have NG SDH solutions that have scalability, modularity and performance. LAN2LAN circuits are provisioned using GFP-F framing, and Virtual Concatenation with LCAS support.

It is also important to remember that both the Carrier Ethernet Switches and the NG SDH products use DmView, a single Management System software, allowing an easy integration of convergent services.

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