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Convergence on optical fibers

The ability to offer different kind of services over the same network, with high capacity while keeping the quality and price under control reverts to gains on the operational activities and better resource utilization. Corporate clients demand legacy circuits, VPNs with assured CIR, plus a high speed Internet access. Delivering all of these channels, with fully managed CPEs, redundant last mile fiber approach, and carrier class aggregation equipment is the best selling application solution from DATACOM.

The network is built with the DM4000 and DM4100 Series using L3/MPLS topologies, or even L2 protocols, on the aggregation and distribution levels. The DM2100-EDD (Ethernet Demarcation Device) are used as the client facing CPEs, offering Ethernet and E1 Pseudowire interfaces. Both the VLAN and the emulated TDM circuits are carried over a packet switched network. Appropriate QoS profiles, fast convergence at link fail events, and a fully manageable end user L2 switch ensures the required SLA for data, plus TDM timing synchronization.

At the concentration point generally there is a DM4008 or DM4004 equipment, and all the VLANs are aggregated in multiple 10Gbps interfaces, in order to have a high utilization rate for the interconnection with the Backbone high end routers, while the TDM circuits use the E1 and/or SDH interfaces connected to the legacy PDH/SDH networks.

A great functionality that this solution offer is the remote management of the CPE switch without IP addressing utilization from the internal or external ranges of the Service Provider. When the DM2100-EDD is connected to the DM4000 or DM4100 Series a proprietary protocol allows full IP reachability of the CPEs from the DmView Management System, using only the DM4000 or DM4100 address. It is possible to have hundreds of CPE equipments managed by each aggregation switch.

This is a convergent solution, offering both the legacy and the new IP network functionalities, bringing several advantages to our clients.

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