DM810. Standalone SDH Mux.
Standalone SDH Mux

The DM810 is a new generation compact multiplexer with a height of 1U, compatible with 19" racks. Offers multiservice functionalities for access applications to transport networks. With a non-blocking cross-connect matrix with a 2.8G capacity, STM-1/4 interfaces, Gigabit Ethernet and E1, it permits the implementation of voice, video and data services, with excellent cost-benefit ratio.



The DM810 platform is offered as a variety of alternatives, with several interface choices, allowing a better fit  for the application and cost optimization.

  • Chassis with 1U for a 19” rack
  • Caters to E1, Ethernet, STM-1 and STM-4 applications
  • MSP and SNCP protection
  • Integrated fan modules
  • Power supply –48/60VDC or 110/220VAC redundant


Management & Control

  • RS232 and Ethernet interfaces for equipment management
  • Support for DCC remote management by internal router
  • Synchronism module and clock recover support by E1 interfaces, SDH or G.703 2MHz external input
  • Support for external alarm with two inputs and one output
  • Slots for removable fan modules with hot-swap support and redundancy
  • EOW voice channel with DTMF signalling
  • Access to management channel by V.11 interface
  • Graphic web-based local management DmView Network Management System with end-to-end provisioning


Power Supply

  • Two slots for power supply units with redundancy
  • Hot-swap support
  • Power supply with automatic voltage selection: AC (100 – 240V) and DC (-48V)


SDH Interfaces

  • The DM810 can be equipped with two types of SDH interfaces: STM-1 or multi-rate STM1/4 (see versions table) STM-1 or STM-4 interfaces available in SFP connectors supporting optical modules with several range options (2km at 120km) and wavelength, including bidirectional (one fibre)
  • For operation as STM-1, the SFP slots can also be equipped with SFP electric modules
  • Support Add/Drop Mux and Terminal applications
  • Supports SNC protection and MSP 1+1
  • Performance Monitoring


PDH Interfaces

  • Supports 2Mbit/s G.703 interfaces, available in two configurations; Eight RJ45 ports or 63 ports in high density LFH connectors*
  • 2Mbit/s transparent traffic mapping at SDH ports


Ethernet Interfaces

  • Supports 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces
  • Gigabit Ethernet Ports available in RJ45 connectors and/or SFP connectors for optical interfaces implementation
  • Auto-negotiation support, Auto MDI and MDI-X
  • L2 switching with 802.1Q VLAN and QinQ support
  • Jumbo Frames support
  • Pause frames support
  • STP (802.1D), RSTP (802.1W) and MSTP (802.1S)*
  • Support EAPS loop protection, according to RFC 3619*
  • Supports QoS based on DSCP or CoS bits 802.1p
  • Mapping of Ethernet traffic into SDH using GFP encapsulation, Virtual Concatenation and LCAS*
  • Virtual Concatenation capacity up to 8xVC4* or 24 xVC3 or 252xVC12 for Ethernet mapping Allows use of Ethernet interfaces in transparent mode to carry point-to-point packet traffic







Carrier Class Ethernet TBD