Webinar: Demystifying Financing Conditions for Building a Telecommunications Network

As technology advances and the demand for connectivity increases, it becomes imperative to expand telecommunication networks to meet the growing needs of various economic sectors. In this dynamic scenario, Internet service providers (ISPs) are at the forefront, driving the evolution and expansion of optical networks.

At Datacom, we recognize the financial challenges that can arise when embarking on infrastructure projects, particularly for smaller ISPs. With our Brazilian heritage and local expertise, we are well positioned to help our clients navigate the financial landscape. Through government policies that encourage the adoption of nationally produced equipment, we are able to provide advantages such as interest rates between 3.8% and 7% per year, grace intervals that vary from 24 to 36 months, and extensive payment terms that range from 96 to 120 months.

This topic is of great relevance and, therefore, we had already addressed the subject in a previous article in June (Financing for ISPs: How Datacom can help). However, to offer an even more detailed and comprehensive view on the subject, on August 9, 2023, we promoted a webinar in collaboration with Datacom, Prysmian, CRESOL and Finep.


Participation and Reach

The event was actively attended by around 130 people, reaching a peak of 150 viewers online.

Presentations by Partner Companies

Prysmian: Represented by Marcelo ABIB, the global leader in cables addressed its vast experience in the energy and telecommunications sector.

Datacom: Leonardo Trevisol showed Datacom's solutions in the context of telecommunications financing, focusing on national products and equipment.

CRESOL: Andrei Ficagna, representing CRESOL, detailed the approval process for specific financing for the telecommunications industry.

Finep: Bruno Camargo, on behalf of Finep, outlined the institution's function as an intermediary in accessing Funttel's resources, highlighting its emphasis on promoting the acquisition of national products and equipment.

Financing from the FINEP Perspective

Bruno Camargo, from FINEP, brought important aspects about how providers can optimize the use of financial resources:

Attractive Credit Line: The focus is on the acquisition of domestic products and equipment, such as Datacom and Prysmian.

Equipment Compatibility: Equipment that meets regulations, such as ordinance 950, is fully aligned with the FINEP credit line.

Detailed Analysis: FINEP deeply analyzes the proposals, ensuring adherence to national procurement guidelines.

Accessibility and Support: Direct communication and continuous support were underlined by Bruno Camargo.


The webinar provided a comprehensive view on financing focused on the acquisition of national products and equipment, offering valuable insights from leading companies in the sector. If you were unable to participate in the live event, we have good news: we have made the video available from the moment of the FINEP presentation. In this content, you will find 20 minutes of presentation by Bruno Camargo and the remaining time is dedicated to clarifying doubts.



If, after watching the video, doubts remain or if you would like additional information, our sales team at Datacom is fully qualified on the subject and ready to help. You can contact us directly via WhatsApp by clicking on the link below:

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