The Market Asked, Datacom Responded: We Introduce the New DM4270 24 Ports!

In a telecommunications scenario where competition is fierce, innovation alone is not enough. It is essential to offer solutions that combine superior performance with an excellent cost-benefit ratio. Faced with this challenge, companies tirelessly search for equipment that provides high performance without significantly compromising investments. The ability to balance these variables often determines who stands out in the industry.

The DM4270 embodies Datacom's commitment to satisfying this demanding market. Its predecessors, DM4270 24XS+2CX and DM4270 48XS+6CX, introduced landmark innovations and largely met market demands. However, we identified an opportunity for improvement. The highlight of the new DM4270 lies not only in its advanced technical specifications, but also in the refined optimization of its ports, guaranteeing excellence and unparalleled efficiency in its class.

Features DM4270 8XS+16VS+6CX

Based on the DmOS network operating system, the DM4270 was strategically developed to meet the demands of high-performance metro Ethernet aggregation. It represents not only a robust solution, but also a highly reliable option for corporate IP services and ultra-broadband internet access. Its construction considers the diversity of needs, making it versatile to adapt to various network topologies, whether ring, linear or full mesh.

Interfaces: The device has 8x 10GE optical SFP+ interfaces, 16x optical ports with dual 25GE/10GE operation and 6x 100GE/40GE QSFP28 interfaces.

Redundancy: With a focus on service continuity, it was equipped with two hot swap slots for AC or DC power supplies, minimizing interruptions due to failures.

Key Features: The DM4270 not only provides Wire Speed ​​forwarding for L2, L3 and MPLS, but also runs filters and QoS directly in hardware. It integrates vital features such as IEEE802.1Q VLAN, Link Aggregation, L2CP tunneling and dynamic routing with the support of OSPF and BGP protocols.

MPLS: The switch is not limited and advances in MPLS solutions, offering L2 VPN applications, both point-to-point and multipoint, and also support for L3 VPN.


A Market View

As mentioned in the introduction, the competitive universe of telecommunications requires not only constant innovations, but also products that offer excellent value for money. Within this scenario, Gustavo Spellmeier, Product Director at Datacom, clarifies the inspiration behind the DM4270 8XS+16VS+6CX. "We listened closely to our customers and recognized that even with standout products in our lineup, there was an opportunity for a solution that aligned even more closely with emerging demands. In a market where demand for 100G ports is consistently growing, it was It was imperative to launch a product that would deliver and, at the same time, stand out."

In this context, the DM4270 was born. Spellmeier details: "This is not just another 24-port 10G switch. Its design incorporates 6 100GbE ports, establishing a notable difference. Furthermore, out of a set of 24 10G ports, 16 have the versatility to also operate in 25GE This feature alone places the product in a prominent position in the market, demonstrating our commitment to offering solutions that add value and flexibility to our customers."

The innovation of the DM4270, however, is not limited to its versatility in terms of ports. "We also have to highlight the modularity and redundancy in its components, such as sources and FANs", points out Spellmeier. "However, the heart of the DM4270 lies in its ability to combine a full set of features, ideal for all MPLS applications, with a more accessible profile, ensuring its adaptability to a variety of applications."



This is the DM4270 8XS+16VS+6CX: a switch that combines versatility, innovation and efficiency in a single piece of equipment, reinforcing Datacom's commitment to market demands.

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