Datacom: Open Doors for Technology and Partnerships

Datacom, a leader in technological solutions, is proud to keep its doors always open for visits from customers, partners and innovation enthusiasts. Our headquarters in Eldorado do Sul has become a landmark, not only because it is where ideas become reality, but also because it is a space where curiosity finds answers.

In September, Datacom was pleased to open its doors to various groups, including customers, partners, content creators, educational institutions such as schools and colleges, among others. These visits provide everyone with the valuable opportunity to witness where the magic of technology comes to fruition. Among these visitors, we would like to highlight the presence of Confraria ISP and Renato Salomão, renowned creator of digital content for telecom, who was with us accompanied by his dedicated marketing team from Canal ISP. For many, exploring our manufacturing plant and seeing the development of innovative technological products up close is an unforgettable experience.


ISP Brotherhood: Connections that Transform

The ISP Confraternity is not just an event. Created in collaboration between Datacom, MHemann, and SaperX, this initiative aims to bring together managers, directors, investors and owners of internet providers and telecommunications companies to establish a solid network of friends and partners, also encouraging the exchange of experiences and knowledge in the sector.

By limiting its audience to maintain the essence of a united group, Confraria ISP encourages deep conversations and mutual learning. It was with great pleasure that Datacom hosted the second edition of this event, which brought professionals from different regions. In addition to the enriching lectures, participants were able to learn about the Datacom infrastructure and, as expected, enjoyed a moment of relaxation with a tasting of craft beers, further strengthening connections and opening doors to new businesses. Check out the video:



ISP Channel and Renato Salomão: Promoting the Best of Telecom

Renato Salomão, an emblematic figure in the telecommunications universe, is the name behind Canal ISP. With a career marked by dedication to the sector, he has been a reliable source of information, news and discussions for professionals and enthusiasts. The ISP Channel is a reflection of its commitment to promoting knowledge and connecting people.

It was a privilege for Datacom to welcome Renato to our headquarters. He, with his characteristic curiosity and critical eye, explored our facilities and, later, shared his impressions with the vast audience of Canal ISP. Below, we present the content that Canal ISP created about this visit, a unique perspective on what makes Datacom a prominent name in the sector.



It is with this open and collaborative mentality that Datacom continues to follow its path of innovation and leadership. We are always open, ready to share, learn and build the future of technology together.

For those interested in visiting our headquarters and finding out more about our innovations, simply contact the account manager in your region. We are waiting for you!