DM4380 - Invest in a 100GbE MPLS switch with hardware switching

By Guilherme Salvadori – Sales Engineer

At the beginning of their operations, most ISPs choose to use switches and routers that perform all packet switching in software. This is due to the low cost and the ease of configuration, since this equipment is well known in the market and has a large support community.

When the ISP's bandwidth demand increases, these equipments start not having the same efficiency as the beginning of the operation, then problems with locking up, increased latency, packet loss, among others.

The solution to this problem is the use of switches with hardware packet processing (wirespeed), that is, which have a dedicated chipset for packet switching and do not use the CPU for this purpose, delivering the full capacity of the interfaces on the network.

Datacom has a wide portfolio of metro ethernet wirespeed switches, whose main application is to serve the transport, aggregation and access networks of major operators and internet providers (ISPs). To complement the portfolio, Datacom is launching the DM4380 model, which is the best cost-effective wirespeed 100GbE MPLS Switch on the market.

The DM4380 is a 1U high standalone switch, standard for 19 inch racks. The equipment has 12 10GbE ports for access and 3 40GbE / 100GbE QSFP28 interfaces, in addition to redundant hot-swap power supplies with AC or DC options. The operating system is DmOS, which guarantees robustness and high availability of services.

DmOS supports a series of L2, L3 and MPLS functionalities, among which stand out support for operations with VLANs such as QinQ and VLAN Translate, LAG / LACP, static and dynamic IP routing protocols through OSPF and BGP, filters for creation of access policies (ACL) and QoS functionalities. MPLS transport and aggregation functionalities through LDP are also supported, for the creation of point-to-point (VPWS) and point-to-multipoint (VPLS) L2 services, as well as services IP through L3VPNs.

Versatility is one of the main characteristics of the DM4380, making it possible to use it as a concentration, aggregation and even access switch. The topology below illustrates well the flexibility of this product:



Notice that the DM4380 is being used in 3 positions in the example network. The two pieces of equipment that are part of the 100GbE ring, due to the large number of 10GbE ports, can act by concentrating corporate services and / or GPON access networks. On the right side of the topology, we can see an application of the DM4380 as an EDD 100GbE, demarcating the metro network and delivering a protected high-throughput link to an internet provider.

The fact that the equipment has three (03) 100GbE ports is perfect for ring operation, with two 100GbE ports being used to connect to the ring and the third 100GbE port can be used as an uplink to connect to the edge router.



In the topology below, the DM4380 is part of a high throughput metro ethernet transport network comprising 40GbE and 100GbE rings.


In addition to the DM4380, Datacom has a complete line of MPLS switches, interoperable with equipment from the largest manufacturers in the market (See MPLS Datacom interoperability article), which include the DM4360, DM4370, DM4000, DM4100, DM4170, DM4270 and DM4775.

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