How DmView facilitates operation on CedNet

In search of reliable products to serve its network, CedNet placed as an essential requirement a manufacturer that had, in addition to the equipment, a graphic management platform for them. For this reason, it has been 1 year since CedNet has chosen to serve its residential and corporate clients of the GPON network with Datacom products.

According to Lucas Henrique da Silva, Network Manager at CedNet, everything was simpler with the use of DmView (Datacom management system), mainly for the company's Help Desk team.

Lucas highlights: “To diagnose problems with customers, technicians can consult a series of parameters (signal level, UN model, firmware, lan port status, and many other data) quickly and simply. In addition, all configuration backup of DmOS equipment is done by the tool, that is, one less concern because there is no need to implement additional scripts in the boxes ”.

To further facilitate the network operation routine at CedNet, with the help of Datacom support, Lucas is creating videos to disseminate his knowledge. Today the most used template application (script that DmView executes on the equipment) is activation / removal of ONU on the network.

See below the excellent work done by Lucas:


Se você tem interesse em conhecer nosso sistema de gerência, é possível explorar as funcionalidades do DmView no ambiente de testes disponível através do link abaixo:

If you are interested in getting to know our management system, you can explore the DmView functionalities in the test environment available through the link below:


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See also more details of the system on the product page.