Pre-launch of the new OLT’s DM4611 and DM4612

Datacom is continually evolving its product line and based on feedback from the field we have added two more compact models to our portfolio of OLTs.

Now our GPON product line has 5 models of OLTs, in addition to the OLTs DM4610 4GPON, DM4610 8GPON and DM4615 16GPON, we are introducing the OLTs DM4611 4GPON and DM4612 8GPON to the market (Check availability with the Account Manager in your region).

The proposal is to offer the telecom market products that meet the most diverse applications and present the best possible cost-benefit ratio.

OLT DM4612 is a more traditional model with 8 GPON ports, but with optimized switch hardware, it brings competitiveness to ISP applications.

The biggest highlight is the OLT DM4611, which is a 4-door desktop model, ideal for low-population applications, ie, small neighborhoods or condominiums.

Portfolio of OLTs DATACOM


Datacom OLTs are present in the most varied types of applications, such as the delivery of Triple play services (voice, data and video), IoT - Internet of things/digital cities, and the realization of LAN networks with GPON technology (POL - Passive Optical LAN).


DM4611 4GPON + 2GT + 2XS Features:

  • 1RU – Desktop or rack option 19" (Includes fixing ears)
  • Support up to 512 subscribers on 4 GPON ports
  • 2-Port 1GE and 2-Port 10GE Uplink
  • AC/DC Power + 12Vdc Redundancy

DM4612 8GPON + 2GT + 2XS Features:

  • 1RU – 19" rack installation
  • Support up to 1024 subscribers on 8 GPON ports
  • 2-Port 1GE and 2-Port 10GE Uplink
  • AC/DC Power + AC/DC Redundancy

The common features between the two OLT models are:

  • Both are wirespeed – non - Blocking, that is, our equipment has HW processing, without bottlenecks;
  • Our OLTs already have Switch features embedded, that is, both are switches with layer 2 functionality and have the DmOS operating system;
  • They have In Band and Out Of Band management, through console and MGMT ports;
  • They support class B+, C+ and C++ laser transceivers.

Also remembering that our OLTs respect the ITU-T G.984 standard and do not offer blocking to ONUs from other manufacturers (We recommend previous tests, as we do not guarantee the implementation of the standard by the third party. Our support team is available for any eventual compatibility tests).

See the video below for more details of the new Datacom compact OLTs:

If you have any technical questions regarding our portfolio, please do not hesitate to contact our support team via email suporte.prevendas@datacom.com.br, or contact your account manager directly to receive a proposal (Consult availability).