10 Gigabit EDD Switch

Ethernet demarcation and access switches (EDDs) stand out in the Datacom product line. And to confirm this differential the company presents the model DM4370, a switch with four interfaces 10GE, developed to meet the growing demand of high performance access networks. The new equipment is a result of investments made by Datacom in 10GE solutions, covering a wide range of networking layers, from access to core networks.


The switch is based on the DmOS modular network operating system, supporting a full set of L2, IP and MPLS functionality, making the product the perfect solution for enterprise applications as well as for mobile network backhaul capability.


With a user-friendly graphical interface and visualization of the equipment in topological maps, DmView Maestro offers facilities for managing the DM4370. The management software also allows the visualization and monitoring of the equipment, which allows the identification of operational status and active alarms, as well as the CLI Template, which facilitates and accelerates the common configuration operations.