New Course Datacom EAD – DmOS Monitoring

The Datacom Online Course Platform, Datacom EAD, has new free classes.

It is a training focused on functionalities and tools that allow the network administrator to carry out proactive monitoring of their equipment with DMM operating system and their respective traffic, thus facilitating day-to-day management.

With 20 classes and 3 hours duration, training is intended for all with basic network knowledge, command-line configurations and have completed the free courses: GPON and DMOS switches - L2.

According to Instructor Tatiane de Figueiredo, the idea of ​​the course is to offer subsidies so that the student can better manage the network getting apt to:

  • Configure SNMP to monitor equipment performance;
  • Send traps to monitoring platforms;
  • Use the Sflow feature to identify the traffics that are present on the network;
  • Perform the capture of information that travels on the equipment through Port Mirroring and TCPDump;
  • Analyze, filter and understand the severity of logs and how to refer them to a syslog application;
  • Understand the generated alarms and how to treat them;
  • Use the Debug command for protocol analysis.

To access the free classes, simply register on the DATACOM EAD platform.