New version of DmView Maestro is totally web

The new web management solution, DmView Maestro, is now available to the Telecom, corporate and ISP markets.

According to Luzandro Tietbohl, Network Mangement Systems (NMS) Product Manager, "in a single step it is possible to add an entire network, already starting to manage all the equipment. And with the equipment in DmView Maestro management it is possible to check the status of each element on a single screen, with dynamic and intelligent filters", he said.

According to Tietbohl, "By using DmView Maestro, based on templates, it is possible to do any routine or complex operation, with guaranteed execution of all steps by any user, leaving the system personalized in a way that allows greater productivity." With the research and development process, DmView Maestro already comes with templates for the main usage scenarios configured at the factory, and if you need to create another or modify an existing one, simply use the tool management and adjust your need. The solution also allows configurations in hybrid networks, since the templates are multivendor and can be adapted to configure third-party equipment.