DM704 Series. E1/V.35/Eth Converter.
DM704 Series
E1/V.35/Eth Converter

The DM704 family offers converters for G.703 signals at 2048kbit/s, with a frame structure according to G.704, V.35 and V.36/V.11 interface signals and Ethernet interface with remote bridge function. It is offered as a desktop chassis (195x200x44mm) or Telebras standard board.

  • Operates at N x 64kbit/s to 2,048kbit/s;
  • Configurable through DIP, terminal or remote management system;
  • Remotely manageable by the DMView platform through another converter and/or operating associated with a DM705-SUB concentrator;
  • Remote management by E1 interface, which together with the DM705 and DM706C multiplexors or the DM704S/SE (series IV/V) using DATACOM’s DMG20 management card, allows users to configure, monitor and activate test links to verify performance and location of link errors.
  • Automatic configuration of the remote converter.
  • Allows transparent channel operation (not structured by G.704), with digital interface communication at G.703 interface rates (2,048kbit/s).
  • Easy cascading allows for many DM704 to be connected on the same E1 link, allocating different channels for each converter, and thus allowing more than one port over a single E1 link.
  • Operations with both internal and external clocks (digital interface CT113) or regenerated from the G.703 signal received.
  • Automatic commuting to the internal clock in the absence of the external clock or the G.703 signal.
  • Local analog link, digital link and digital remote link (V.54) through the front panel keys by CT140 and CT141 or management;
  • Standard bit error ratio test (BERT) generator, activated by one of the front panel keys;
  • Power supply LED indicators, CT103, CT104, CT105, CT109, BERT.




The DM704 is used in applications to offer E1 or fractional E1 links, offering the customer the conversion of E1 interface to V.35 or V.36/V.11 or Ethernet (with remote bridge).


DM704 Topology