DM2500 4GT+2GX+LTE. IP Router.
DM2500 4GT+2GX+LTE
IP Router

The DM2500 family routers provide the ideal solution to meet the demands of telecom operators who sell IP solutions to corporate customers. With a 1U high compact metal cabinet, they have an internal universal AC/DC power supply with automatic selection and redundancy through an optional external power supply. Up to two devices can be installed side by side in a 19″ rack via an MA-01 adapter.

  • 4 dedicated 10/100/1000Base-T (RJ45) ports
  • 2 1000Base-x optical ports (SFP)
  • 1 LTE (4G) interface for mobile network with 2 removable external antennas
  • Possibility of using a table antenna with a 3m cable.
  • Compact metal cabinet with fanless version
  • Integrated full-range AC/DC power supply
  • 12VDC input for optional redundancy using external AC source
High-performance packet forwarding

Packet forwarding is performed using advanced hardware mechanisms, allowing customers to use the DM2500 in applications that simultaneously demand dynamic routing protocols, advanced remote management and high data transfer rates.


The products offer intuitive command-line (CLI) configuration with interactive help accessible through SSHv2, Telnet, or the RS-232 console port. The DM2500 line also allows configuration and monitoring by DmView or by market management systems through SNMP v2c or v3.

Commit and rollback operations, remote Syslog and NTP, DHCP and TACACS services are available to facilitate remote configuration, management and troubleshooting of equipment.

Routing Protocols

In addition to agile forwarding and establishment of static routes, the product supports dynamic routing sessions with other elements using RIP, OSPF or BGP protocols. Authentication, prefix lists and route maps are also supported. Scalable routing tables are provided, supporting typical access router cases.


The DM2500 supports VLAN tags and GRE (Generic Routing Encapsulation) tunnels, allowing the service provider to isolate traffic from different clients in addition to making better use of the IP infrastructure already in place.


Source and destination address translation mechanisms are supported, allowing separation of internal from public networks while conserving addressing resources.


Access control lists allow the service provider to filter specific packet patterns based on source or destination addressing, protocol type, ports, and other criteria.


The DM2500 offers flexible QoS mechanisms, implementing traffic throttling as well as queuing. The QoS functionalities guarantee the correct prioritization and differentiation of data, voice and video traffic.


The DM2500 is a flexible router that can be used in Internet access and corporate VPN applications, being very versatile to adapt to the most varied IP applications.

4G LTE Internet Access Router

The DM2500 family routers offer the most cost-effective solution for symmetric rate Corporate Internet access with guaranteed flexibility and reliability within the end user's premises.

The DM2500 4G+2GX+LTE model has two 1GbE ports with SFP that can be used as a WAN. These ports can be the main link with the operator through optical fiber.

With its 4G LTE interface, it also allows connection to the cellular network, which can be used as a main link or as a backup of the fiber optic link.

Advanced routing, security, traffic prioritization and full management functionalities are offered, guaranteeing the telecom operator full visibility and control of the service being provided.