Transport of dedicated fiber optic E1s

By Juliano Grazziotin – Application Engineer

Complementing the article E1 Transport Solution over IP / Ethernet Networks for STFC Providers, this text will present a low cost and high reliability solution for transporting dedicated E1s over fiber optics.

Some Internet providers prefer to use voice applications for PDH and / or SDH optical modems, which have their TDM multiplexing technology as their differential, offering dedicated throughput, fast switching redundancy and low latency and jitter.

Below are two Datacom product lines that can meet this scenario:

DM4E1 and DM16E1

As a solution for this application, we present our DM16E1 Series II and DM4E1 Series II PDH (Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy) optical multiplexers. The basic difference between the two optical multiplexers is that the DM16E1 Series II has 16 E1 G.703 tributaries and the DM4E1 Series II has four E1 tributaries. Both devices feature redundant optical aggregate, redundant AC / DC power supply and remote management.

On the DM4E1 and DM16E1, the E1 tributary interfaces can be supplied with 75 ohm BNC or IEC (120 ohm) RJ45 connectors.

Optionally the optical multiplexers support a 10 / 100Base-T ethernet bridge expansion card and can provide a 100Mbps ethernet link to the 4 or 16E1s.

DATACOM equipment bridges must operate in pairs, ie data converted from one DM4E1 and DM16E1 Ethernet interface must be retrieved at the other end of the link by another DM4E1 or DM16E1 equipment.


If more than 16E1s are required to be transported, the DmSTM-1 Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) product allows up to 63E1s to be transported on a single optical fiber.

The DmSTM-1 is a modular multiplexer for next generation SDH networks (NG-SDH), with a metal enclosure occupying 2U of a 19″ rack. The basic unit consists of enclosure, central processing unit and redundant AC / DC power supply and up to three tributary interface cards. Its modularity facilitates network expansion and support for new services.

In DmSTM-1, E1 tributary interfaces can be supplied with 75 ohm BNC or IEC (Spinner) connectors or 120 ohm RJ45 connectors.

The DmSTM-1 has an ethernet tributary board with eight 10 / 100Base-T Ethernet ports, where it is possible to map Ethernet signals over SDH. The example below illustrates this application.

Another major advantage of the DATACOM solution is that all devices are managed by DmView management software and are also compatible with other management software on the market through the SNMP protocol.

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