Consultants participate in Datacom Experience

From north to south of Brazil, Datacom Experience brought together more than 30 ISP consultants from the country. In addition to the seminars focused on the GPON line and presentation of the OLTs products, the participants got to know the R&D areas and paid a visit to the factory, where they learned about the manufacturing and assembly process of all the lines produced for the Brazilian market and exterior. “The exchange of experience between the company's application engineering teams and ISP consultants was highly productive,” said commercial director Márcio Müller. Check out some testimonials from participants at Datacom Experience 2019:

Neymar (SP): I really liked that they were very open with the consultants. They demonstrated the very top operating system DMOs, as well as management with DmView. I confess that I was impacted by the size of the 12,000-square-meter factory, and I have known on-site at the factory the production of all product lines, from its switches, routers, and the entire GPON family of products and their Onus. Datacom is to be congratulated for the event that brought consultants from all over the country into its modern, 100% Brazilian operation.

Alexandre (MG): The format is extremely ideal, well sized for ISPs. I highlight that even though the UNs do not have blocking, this was a genius card from Datacom. The company was very responsive to our market and service provider issues. I want to leave the suggestion of working with opportunity registration, a way to ensure access to the thousands of ISPs in the country to the company's products.

Rodrigo Passos (MG): The factory view was enlightening. A visit that showed the company's commitment to consultants. Datacom has the ability to listen to the market, was a milestone.

Marcelo (RS): It was fantastic, very essential for us consultants. I believe it was the first company in Brazil that opened its doors to those who operate the ISP market. A GPON products highlight that was a balcony incorporate swicth in the OLts. It will make our projects much easier, as well as a cost benefit that will favor the providers. I also believe that Datacom will find a method for pricing issues in a very competitive industry. Quality GPON products already have and I am sure to refer them to customers. But the icing on the cake will be when the edge router design is available to the provider market.

Leandro (GO): I already knew Datacom products. I am a great supporter of the GPON line and all customers who deploy say they are satisfied. On the demands of providers, Datacom lacks a router, such as subway ethernet line options for ISPs.

Bruno (GO): With the visit to the factory we have a proximity to the equipment, which other factories do not have. When visiting the factory we notice two important issues: we observe the integrity of the equipment, which is very good. It is possible to realize the quality of the products, the quality control. The GPON line is very good.

Elizandro (RS): Regarding GPON Datacom products, they have some advantages over the competition. One of them and OLT already have switch board, which is a differential in the market.