The first 100GbE aggregation switch in the DM4770 family

By Guilherme Salvadori – Pre-Sales Engineer

In the last year, the demand for internet bandwidth has grown exponentially. This is due to the adhesion of many companies to the home-office due to the pandemic and the large amount of time people spend at home consuming video and music streaming services. During 2020, about 3.437 million new broadband accesses were registered in Brazil, an increase of 10.4% (according to Anatel).

As a result, the backbones of operators and ISPs need to be prepared to handle this large amount of data that is being consumed.

Following this market trend, Datacom is launching the first model of the new DM4770 family of Metro Ethernet Switches with MPLS, the DM4770 32CX.

This switch has 32 40 / 100GbE ports on QSFP28 connectors plus 2 10GE SFP + ports, and all packet switching L2, L3, MPLS, filters and QoS are performed in hardware, ensuring wirespeed operation without loss of performance. The power supplies are redundant AC or DC and have hot-swap ventilation modules. All of this in a device that is only 1U high.

In terms of software, the DM4770, as well as the latest releases from Datacom, is shipped with the DmOS operating system. For those who follow our products, you know that DmOS has all the main features that the market requires for switches of this size.

The DM4770 is no different, you will be able to count on features like MPLS L2 and L3 VPNs, MPLS with RSVP, Link Agregation and its dynamic traffic balancing mechanisms, DLB for example. It also has dynamic routing protocols such as BGP and OSPF, among other features that you can find in the DmOS datasheet.

In the video below, you can check the details of the equipment: https://youtu.be/hsBgb0vJBaY.

The main application of the DM4770 32CX is the aggregation of high speed ethernet traffic (Nx 100GbE) in the Core of the network of operators and internet providers, as well as the interconnection of servers in Datacenters.

The DM4770 32CX is also manageable through DmView, which is Datacom's Management Software. With DmView it is possible to supervise and configure Datacom equipment, providing functions for supervisory management, failures, configuration, provisioning, auditing, performance, security, inventory, network discovery and topological maps. The Enterprise Lite option (up to 15 elements) is free, and is available for download on the Datacom support self-service website (ask for a user on the website for access, if you do not have access yet): https://supportcenter.datacom.com.br.

In addition to the DM4770 32CX, Datacom has a complete line of MPLS switches, interoperable with equipment from the largest manufacturers in the market, which include the DM4360, DM4370, DM4000, DM4100, DM4170, DM4270 and DM4380.

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