Router expands capacity

The success in its launch required that the new DM2500 router presented an even more robust version due to the specifics of the networks and metro ethernet projects. And one of the key highlights of the new firmware is support for IPsec functionality for building secure VPNs with encryption so the product is used in security-sensitive applications that require data traffic to be encrypted.

Another integrated feature is the TWAMP telemetry functionality, which supports Controller and Responder modes, which allows monitoring of connection quality indicators such as jitter, delay and packet loss.

The line of routers consists of two models, one containing four GE electrical interfaces and the other with eight GE interfaces, six electrical and two GE combo interfaces, which can be used as electrical or optical SFP connectors. In addition, the routers are equipped with a high-capacity processor with hardware packet forwarding acceleration capabilities, generating the high performance required to serve VPN services according to market needs.

In terms of software, the DM2500 line has a complete set of routing functionalities, whether static, GRE or based on OSPF and BGP, DHCP services, NAT, LLDP and advanced QoS functionalities for deployment of services with bandwidth guarantees and quality for service triple-play.

Through a complete set of features, robust hardware and a very competitive price, the DM2500 router line complements DATACOM's solutions offering, providing even more competitiveness to its customers' businesses.