DM704 Series. E1/V.35/Eth Converter.

Lets you connect coaxial cables with male BNC connectors on screw slides used in standard 10 or 20 modens Telebrás sub-racks. It consists of a cable of 30cm, where on one side there are two open lug type terminals, designed to fit in the screw rails of sub-racks for 10 or 20 modens.

  • It is used, for example, to connect G.703 interfaces at 2048kbit / s of the DM704S converters.
  • This adapter does not perform impedance switching and should be used with 75ohms interfaces.
  • On the other side of the cable, there is a female BNC coaxial connector for panel mounting. The connector body is made of insulation material, so there is no contact between the signals on the BNC and the panel.
  • DATACOM also offers the RB-01 ruler, which serves as a panel to accommodate up to 40 of these adapters. Thus, Tx and Rx cables can be arranged for the 20 slots of a 20 modens sub-processor.