DM4612 8GPON. Standalone GPON OLT.
DM4612 8GPON
Standalone GPON OLT

The DM461x line has models of OLTs GPON for the most varied FTTx applications. The Datacom OLTs Portfolio includes models with 4, 8 and 16 PON ports, in addition to a variety of 1GE and 10GE interface options. All models support 1:128 split ratio, totaling capacities ranging from 512 to 2048 clients per OLT.

The OLT DM4612 8GPON + 2GT + 2XS is the model for up to 1024 customers.

With optimized hardware, this equipment brings competitiveness to service provider applications.

All Datacom OLTs are compliant with the ITU-T G.984 and ITU-T.988 standard. Each GPON link supports 2.488 Gbit/s downstream and 1.244 Gbit/s upstream rates and offers dynamic bandwidth allocation (DBA).

The configuration of the ONUs of the network is carried out remotely by the OLTs through the OMCI protocol according to the ITU-T standards. Even FXS ports to provide VoIP services to customers can be configured this way.

Being able to use 4094 VLANs defined in the IEEE 802.1Q standard simultaneously, in addition to offering Q-in-Q and VLAN translate functionalities, allowing double TAG, addition (Q-in-Q), removal or replacement of VLANs, the DM461x line serves one wide range of applications and needs for GPON network concentration and interconnection with Metro Ethernet networks.

The prioritization of traffic and services at different levels is achieved with QoS (Quality of Service) functionalities, such as traffic classification, SP and WFQ scaling, DSCP to P-bit (PCP) mapping, among others.

The Spanning Tree (STP) and Rapid Spanning Tree (RSTP) protocols and ring operation via the EAPS or ERPS protocol are supported, ensuring the protection of Ethernet uplinks. In addition, the Link Aggregation feature (LAG / LACP) allows for quick uplink extensions.

Through the IGMPv2/v3 protocols, multicast traffic is distributed to all customers through a single instance of each flow, enabling the provision of video and IPTV services.

The entire line of Datacom OLTs is based on the DmOS operating system, allowing management via a command-line interface (CLI) accessible through SSHv2, Telnet and RS-232 Console. SNMP v1, v2c and v3 agents and an XML interface based on the NETCONF standard are also available. DmOS also allows commit and rollback operations, use of user authentication via RADIUS and TACACS, local and remote Syslog, facilitating equipment configuration, management and troubleshooting.


  • 1RU - 19" rack installation
  • Support up to 1024 subscribers on 8 GPON ports
  • 2-Port 1GE and 2-Port 10GE Uplink
  • AC/DC Power + AC/DC Redundancy
  • Laser classes B+, C+ and C++


  • GPON Laser Class B+, C+ or C++
  • Maximum range 60km
  • AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) 128 bits downstream
  • DBA (Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation) and SBA (Static Bandwidth Allocation)
  • FEC (Forward Error Correction) in the upstream and downstream direction
  • Activation of ONU by serial number, password and serial number + password
  • Remote firmware update of ONUs
  • Support for pre-provisioning of ONUs
  • Automatic discovery of ONUs
  • Self-provisioning of ONUs, including application of profiles for router ONUs
  • hairpin turn
  • UN rogue isolation
  • Support for N:1, 1:1 and TLS services
  • isolation of users
  • DHCP option 82
  • PPPoE Intermediate Agent
  • Static Access List IPv4
  • Remote provisioning of FXS ports in the UN via OMCI
  • UN traffic monitoring
  • GPON link monitoring


  • High L2 switching capacity - Wirespeed non-blocking
  • Multicast - IGMP
  • Auto-negotiation setup by interface
  • Q-in-Q selective VLAN dual mode



Condominium service

Service in regions with low population density, such as small neighborhoods and gated communities.


Triple play services

The demand for HDTV over IP technology is growing, which puts more and more demands on access networks. GPON high speed access allows the provision of voice and video services over IP with the proper QoS.


IoT & smart cities

The GPON Datacom solution offers an optical network infrastructure (Future Proof) fully compatible with the concept of Smart Cities and IoT.


POL/FTTD Networks

FTTD GPON Datacom simplifies the implementation of LAN networks by replacing an infrastructure of UTP switches and structured cabling with a lean topology based on passive elements.