DM991 Series. G.SHDSL TDM modems.
DM991 Series
G.SHDSL TDM modems

The DM991 is a G.SHDSL modem that can be used to transmit simultaneously voice and data up to 5.696kbit/s (BIS version on 2 wires) or up to 11.392kbit/s (BIS version on 4 wires). G.shdsl-compliant (ITU-T G.991.2) – the most modern and high performance HDSL modem standard.

  • It operates at variable rates ranging from 192kbit/s to 11.392kbit/s in conformity with ITU-T G.991.2.
  • 7.1km reach at 192kbit/s, 4.1km at 2,304kbit/s; 1.8km at 5,696kbit/s; on noiseless 0.4mm lines on 2 wires and 7.1km reach at 384kbit/s, 4.1km at 4,608kbit/s; 1.8km at 11,392kbit/s; on noiseless 0.4mm lines on 4 wires.
  • One E1 interface (G.703-G.704), one V.35 interface (V.35-V.36/V.11) and up to 5 Ethernet interfaces 10/100BaseT (Bridge or Router). The router interface can include 2 LANs – one with 4 Ethernet ports that act as a Switch.
  • Ethernet interface (10/100BaseT type), compatible with the IEEE 802.3 standard, acting as a router.
  • NTU e LTU modes.
  • Able of transferring voice and data simultaneously.
  • Totally configurable through terminal emulation or remote management.
  • It is entirely configurable via terminal emulation with a DB9 RS232 control port on the front panel.
  • It is entirely configurable via Telnet or SSH, featuring a physical connection with a LAN or WAN Router port.
  • Remotely manageable by the DMView platform through another converter and/or operating associated with a DM705-SUB concentrator.
  • DSL line backup for the 4W model when configured as 2 wires.
  • Remote firmware update through local equipment;
  • May operate as an interface converter (available on DM991 and DM991S only);
  • Operations with internal clock, external clock (digital interface CT113), regenerated from the G.703 (E1) signal or regenerated from the DSL line (modem).
  • Automatic commuting to the internal clock in the absence of regenerated or external clock.
  • Test pattern generator with error detection, activated by the control port (BERT).
  • LED indicators for: Power supply, CT103, CT104, CT106/E1, ETH(0 to 4) CT109/DSL (lines A and B), internal clock and test.




Application DM991C and DM991S


Application DM991CE and DM991SE


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