DMG20. SNMP Management Card.
SNMP Management Card

DMG20 is a management card that implements an SNMP agent to manage devices (and their remotes) in the DM-SBT, DATACOM’s 19″ multi-service subrack. The equipment in the sub-rack must meet the Telebrás 225-540-781 standard for management.

  • Through the DMG20 management card, the DmView Network Management System is able to analyze errors, alarms, performance and change configurations on equipment in the subrack and their remotes.
  • Protocols implemented to support the SNMP application (Simple Network Management Protocol): UDP (User Datagram Protocol), IP (Internet Protocol), ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol), ARP (Address Resolution Protocol).
  • RS485 serial interface to communicate with devices in the subrack, allowing expansion capabilities to up to 32 devices.
  • V.24/V.28 (RS232) serial port in the front panel to configure: DMG20 IP address, sub-network mask, internal RS485 bus speed, read/write SNMP community, SET SNMP operation-enabled, access password and NMS IP address to send traps.
  • 10BaseT Ethernet Port (RJ45) in the front panel to allow communication with the SNMP manager.
  • All information exchanged between DMG20 and the SNMP manager are documented in MIB modules, described in ASN.1 (Abstract Syntax Notation One).
  • Remote upgrade can be performed via TFTP.
  • LED indicators for Tx, Rx and Link OK for the Ethernet port, ERROR in the internal RS485 bus and power supply.
  • Supported equipment include: DM704S, DM704SE, DM704C (remote), DM704CE (remote), DM991S, DM991SE, DM991C (remote), DM991CE (remote) and DM4E1S.