DM4050. Standalone Switches.
Standalone Switches

The DM4050 Ethernet Switches family is composed by two Gigabit Ethernet Switches with 10GE uplinks, based on Datacom’s modular operating system DmOS.

With a complete L2/L3 feature set, the DM4050 switches are the perfect choice for several applications of Gigabit Ethernet access and aggregation on Metro Ethernet and Enterprise networks.

The switches are 1U height and they are ready for standard 19" rack installation.

Both models have two slots for redundant, hot swappable, full-range AC/DC power supply units, ensuring high availability services and operation.

  • Wire Speed ​​Switch with full hardware-based L2 and L3 packet forwarding, filtering and QoS
  • IEEE 802.1Q VLAN functionality, supporting up to 4k VLANs, QinQ, Selective QinQ and VLAN Translate *
  • Link Aggregation and LACP support
  • Serves applications in ring topology through the EAPS protocol
  • Protection system against L2 loops and also for operation in redundant topologies through Rapid Spanning Tree protocol (RSTP)
  • L2 Protocol Tunneling - Slow Protocol Tunneling (L2CP) *
  • Static routing and dynamic routing through OSPF and BGP protocols
  • QoS with up to 8 queues per port and packet classification based on IEEE802.1p, DSCP, Source and destination ports
  • QoS Scheduling in Strict Priority (SP) or Weighted Fair Queuing (WFQ)
  • Rate Limit on input and output (ingress and egress)
  • Support for ACL filters with matches per port, MAC address, IP address, DSCP or TCP / UDP
  • CLI management via local serial interface or through Telnet / SSH
  • TACACS and RADIUS support for access and management policies administration
  • External alarm interfaces, containing one output and two inputs
  • Scalability L2 / L3: 16,000 MAC addresses, 1,000 L3 routes, 4,000 Hosts


Models of the DM4050 family:

DM4050 24GX + 6XS

L2/L3 switch with 24x1GE optical interfaces on SFP connectors and 6x10GE SFP + interfaces, with two slots for redundant power supply


DM4050 24GT + 6XS *

L2/L3 switch with 24x1GE electrical interfaces on RJ45 connectors and 6x10GE SFP + interfaces, with two slots for redundant power supply

* VLAN Translate and L2CP features, and 24GT model in roadmap. Contact Datacom for more information


The DM4050 switches have six 10GE SFP+ interfaces that can be used for both access links larger than 1GE as well as an uplink interface for 10GE or greater than 10GE aggregation rings through the use of Link Aggregation and LACP, making the product very versatile and capable of serving diverse applications of high capacity and high availability.


Metro Ethernet Aggregation

Through its GE/10GE optical interfaces and its L2 and L3 features, DM4050 switches serve high-capacity Metro Ethernet traffic aggregation applications, providing a reliable, high availability solution for corporate or residential services. They are supported by the product ring, star or linear topologies, allowing the network design that best suits the needs of the solution.


IP access

The DM4050 switches support routing functionality as well as packet forwarding done in HW, ensuring wirespeed operation across all its interfaces for any packet size. Through OSPF and BGP protocols, the ability to create L3 filters and QoS functionality, the switch can also be used as an IP access solution for high value-added enterprise services, ensuring redundancy through features such as LACP, STP or EAPS, depending on the network topology used.