DM4770. 100GE Aggregation Switches.
100GE Aggregation Switches

The DM4770 switch family of switches provides high switching capacity to meet the growing demands of aggregating IP traffic on Metro Ethernet access and aggregation networks, high capacity corporate networks and aggregation of servers and networks in Datacenters, always providing high performance and reliability. There are two models of switches containing 16 or 32 100GE ports, in order to adapt to different applications and demands of communication networks.

Based on the operating system of DmOS networks, the DM4770 switches guarantee robustness and high availability of services on a platform with support for a series of L2, L3 and MPLS functionalities, among which stand out the support for operations with VLAN such as QinQ and VLAN Translate, LAG / LACP, ring operation through the EAPS or ERPS protocol, RSTP support, static and dynamic IP routing protocols through OSPF and BGP, filters for creating access policies (ACL), QoS functionalities, among others . MPLS transport and aggregation features via LDP are also supported for the creation of point-to-point (VPWS) and point-to-multipoint (VPLS) services, in addition to IP services through L3VPNs.

All L2, L3 and MPLS packet forwarding, application of filters and QoS policies are done in HW, ensuring wirespeed operation.

The product offers configuration via command line (CLI) accessible via SSHv2, Telnet and RS-232 or USB console port. Functionalities of RADIUS and TACACS allow the creation of authentication and authorization policies for user access. Local and remote Syslog features, NTP clients, and SNMP are also available to allow remote management and troubleshooting of equipment.

DM4770 switches are 1U high equipment ready for installation in standard 19-inch racks. They have power redundancy through two hot-swap slots for AC or DC power supplies, ensuring that the requirements of high-availability applications and services are met.

Key Features
  • Model DM4770 32CX contains 32 100GE ports on QSFP28 connectors plus 2 10GE SFP + ports
  • Model DM4770 16CX contains 16 100GE ports, 12 of them on QSFP28 connectors and 4 on QSFP-DD connectors. Additionally, it has 4 10G / 25GE ports on SFP28 connectors
  • QSFP-DD ports allow installation of 100GE DWDM Coherent tunnable optical modules
  • Compact 1U high switches
  • VLAN, QinQ, VLAN Translate, ERPS and EAPS support for Metro Ethernet applications
  • Support for MPLS LDP, VPWS, VPLS and L3VPN for aggregation and data transport applications on high capacity networks
  • Static and dynamic routing through OSPF or BGP
DM4770 Family

DM4770 32CX

DM4770 16CX